Florida State Golf Association Situation Penalty

Florida State
Golf Association
Situation Penality
Out of Bounds C
Lost Ball C
Unplayable Lie C, D or F
In Water Hazard (Yellow Stakes) C or F
In Lateral Hazard (Red Stakes) C, E or F
Hitting a Wrong Ball B or I
Grounding a Club in Hazard B or I
Agreeing to Waive a Rule G
Giving or Asking Advice B or I
Artificial Obstruction Interferes with Stance or Swing H
Penalty Definition Reference
A One Stroke
B Two Strokes (Stroke Play)
C One Stroke and Distance
D One Stroke and Drop (2 club lengths, not nearer the hole)
E One Stroke and Drop (within 2 club lengths)
F One Stroke and Drop (as far back as desired on the line through the ball to the hole)
G Disqualification
H One club length relieve (no nearer to the hole) No Penalty
I Loss of Hole (Match Play)