GTLGA 2021 Schedule

7 Installation: Best Nine – Player has choice of using either the total of front nine or back nine. Deduct 1/2 handicap. Individual
14 Women’s Invitational: (GTMGA Invited) Scramble: 1 drive on front & 1 drive on back form each player
21 Mixed Bag: 2 BB on Par 4s. 1 BB on Par 3s; 3 BB on Par 5; Net Team
28 Member/Member: 80% Handicap. Payout: Best Gross and Net of 2 Partners

4 Low Gross/Low Net: Individual
10 (Wednesday) Men’s Invitational (GTLGA invited by the GTMGA)
11 Mailbox: (Jeanne Sanford’s game) Team
18 Member/Guest: 80% Handicap. 4 person team, 1BB Low Gross and 1BB Low Net. Must use 1 score from member and 1 score from guest.
25 Red-White-Blue: 1 drive blue,1 drive red,1 drive white, 2BB of team. Net.

4 SHAMBLE: Pick best drive. Play your own ball in. 1 best gross and 1 best net. 1 drive on front and 1 drive on back from each player.
11 Queen’s Cup Day 1: 100% HC Best Net for Queen’s Cup and Best Gross score for Club champion. Individual
18 Queen’s Cup Day 2: 100% Handicap. Scoring same as Day 1, and then total the 2 days.
25 Beat the Queen: Individual

Limbo: First 6 holes -2 low gross; second 6 holes- 2 low net; third 6 holes-2 low putts.Team
8 Blind 9: Deduct 1/2 of handicap. Individual (Pro Shop randomly picks 9 holes)
15 Amigas: Each person drives. The 2 balls on the right are partners; 2 balls on the left are partners. Net better ball from each partnership is combined for team score. Repeat.
22 T’s and F’s: Count the toal strokes on holes beginning with T and F. Deduct 1/2 handicap. Individual.
29 Dice Game: Each player has an assigned number 1,2,3, or 4 on their score card. After playing each hole, role the die. Whatever number rolls up, record that payer’s net score. If 5 or 6 comes up, score the best low net. Team.

6 Flight Handicap: A: 0-24; B 25-36: Payout: Low gross and low net from each flight. Closest to the pin on #9. Individual
13 Cha, Cha, Cha: 1 ball on 1st hole, 2 on 2nd, 3 on 3rd, Repeat. Team
20 3 Blind Mice – Deduct 3 Worse Holes plus 1/2 Handicap from gross score. Individual
29 Best Ball: 1 BB on odd holes; 2 BB on even holes. Team


4 Florida Scramble: Played the same as a regular scramble, except, whoever’s ball is selected to play, that person sits out on that shot. So, only 3 people hit the ball, except on drives. On putting surface, all players are eligible to putt.
11 Odd-Even: Must pick 2 players to score only on odd holes ad 2 players to score only on even holes before play begins. Scoring 1 BB on odd holes and 1 BB on even holes. Team.
18 O.N.E.S.: Total scores of holes beginning with the 4 letters O-N-E-S. Deduct 1/2 handicap. Individual. 25 Happy Thanksgiving! No Golf

2 Crier’s Competition: Each player takes her worst 3 holes & converts them back to par before totaling her score. No handicap. Individual
9 Christmas Party Shamble: Best Drive; All play their own ball in from that point; Net score each hole. One drive on front & back. Team.
16 Mixed Bag: Holes 1-6, 1 low gross and 1 low net; Holes 7-12, 2 low nets; Holes 13-18, 2 low gross. Team
23 CHA, CHA, CHA Putts Only: 1 putt on Hole 1; 2 putts on Hole 2, 3 Putts on Hole 3. Repeat. Team, Plus closest to the pin on #17.
25 Merry Christmas! Happy Holiday!
30 NASSAU: Best front nine. Best back nine. Best overall. Payout: Gross and Net. Individual.