GTLGA 2022 Schedule


6th Installation of Officers; Nassau:  3 Ways to Win!  Best front, back & 18. Individual Net Flighted.

13th Murphy’s Adventure:  Each team will be given a Murphy ball to be used 4X by each team member. 2BB net; teams who do not lose their Murphy ball (or have an unplayable lie in a water feature or enchanted forest) deduct 5 points from total score.

20th It’s the Best of Nines, It’s the Worst of Nines: Discard team’s lowest & highest 18-hole scores; add remaining 2 players scores for team total.

27th Member/Member: 80% Handicap – best gross & net scores of the 2 partners.


3rd Criss Cross Applesauce:  Individual net- score your better hole of 1 or 10, 2 or 11, 3 or 12, etc.

10th Sweet & Sour:  From team 2 BB net score – circle & add 4 BB on the front and 4 BB on back plus worst hole overall.  

16th Gator Trace Men’s Golf League & GTLGA play a scramble (tentative Wed. placeholder)

17th Low Gross/LowNet:  Individual Flighted

24th Member/Guest Tournament: 80% HC 4-woman team; 2 must be GTLGA members. Use 1 BB gross & 1 low net from 1 member & 1 guest.


3rd Queen’s Cup Day 1: 100% handicap – Best net scoring over 2 days; best gross for the Club Champion.

10th Queen’s Cup Day 2:  Total of Day 1 & Day 2

17th Beat the Queen: Individual Net Score

24th Mailbox Game:  Open the envelope on each tee box, follow the instructions for team scoring.

31st Partner Odd/Even Relay:  Decide before play which partner will count on (only) the odd holes & which for even holes. 2-Woman team game using net scores.


7th Take out the Trash:  Individual net score – after your round throw out 2 holes (1 from front & 1 from back).

14th O.N.E.S.:  Count net score on holes beginning with O, N, E, & S (1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 16, 17 & 18) Team 2 BB.

21st Luck Be a Lady Dice Game: Each player is assigned 1, 2, 3, or 4 on the score card.  After playing each hole, roll the die.  Whatever number comes up, record that player’s net score.  For 5’s & 6’s, team choice.

28th Shake It Up Baby!: Each player selects 3 clubs & putter, use only these clubs throughout the round.  Team Best 2BB.


5th Four-By-Four:  Team 1 BB & 1 Ball from the following:  Holes 1-4 1st person listed on score card, holes 5-8 2nd person, holes 9-12 3rd person, & holes 13-16 4th person. For holes 17 & 18, use 2 BB.

12th Flighted Individual Net:  Payouts by flight.

19th Cocktails for Two: High ball/low ball:  Team game using the team’s lowest gross & highest net scores (2 different balls) per hole.

26th One, Two, Buckle My Shoe:  Team use 1 BB on odd holes & 2 BB even holes.

Jun/Jul/Aug/Sep/Oct Intermission


3rd Trick or Treat (blind nine):  Nine holes will be selected by blind draw after play.  Individual Net.

10th Oddly Even:  Before play begins, each team select 2 players to score on odd holes and the other 2 on even.  Only select 1BB out of the two players per hole.

17th Play the Middle:  Score only holes 6-14. Team 3 BB net score.

24th Happy Thanksgiving!  No Golf.


1st Dream Team (2-Woman Format):  Before play, select your dream partner from the field playing today; you do not need to select from your foursome. Final net scores of your dream team will be totaled after play.

8th Four Horsemen: Add the 4 player net scores together for team total; low total score wins.

15th Holiday Luncheon – Santa Shamble: Best Drive; all play their own ball in. Team 2BB net score each hole. Use 1 drive from each player on the front & back.

22nd Rock & Roll Dice Game: Assign a number (1, 2, 3, or 4) to each player, roll the die TWICE after play; only use the 2 players whose numbers come up.  For 5’s & 6’s, use BB.  Yes, you may need to use a player twice on one hole if her number is rolled twice.

29th Easy Does It!:  Team 2BB net.